Friday, June 14, 2013

Back in action.

I used to curse and swear when I could not get a cab to bring the dogs to the vet. Each time the call centre pick up the call, I have to alert them that my dogs are not very small. By since I got my own ride 3 years back, I never have this problem again.

Today for the FIRST time without dear hubby, I brought the 2 dogs to the vet at AAVC to see Dr Kenneth. The dogs have been with him since they were adopted by me. Can Can was sterilized by him too and he did a good job. Most importantly, he could handle my chilli padi, not-so-friendly CanCan. That made me travel all the way from the west to the north at Yishun.

I got a car seat cover for the dogs from Pet Guru and it is really useful. I no longer need to vaccuum or sweep the fur away after the car ride. Check out how comfortable my lil cow is there! :)

When we arrived at the clinic, there were a couple of animals there. While waiting for our turn, the scary cat CanCan was scared stiff, she started sniffing the grass, her tail went down and curled in. She was dragged into the clinic after much coaxing. Poor girl was frightened and started to show aggression. I muzzled her then after which she calmed down.

All in all, I am so proud that I made it to the vet on my own with the 2 dogs!  Having my own ride is priceless! I no longer have to "beg" the taxi company to pick up my dogs! Feeling wonderful! What a great day!


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